Friday, June 15, 2012

Apartment Searching

Making an apartment your home is the fun part, finding one is the hard part. I learned this last week after going to Kentucky trying to find an apartment to live in when I start my new job. Last Wednesday I had an apartment search scheduled with a company that Toyota set up for was sort of an epic fail-in more ways than one. 

First, when I was sent the list of apartments that the company had found they were all way over my budget that I had clearly told them a few weeks before. So I had done all of the apartment searching online, and we just visited the ones on my list. For those of you that have never gone from apartment to apartment searching and doing tours, it is long and grueling. I think that Geoffrey and I went to about 10 different complexes, and none of them seemed right. 

After the day was over, I went over to my previous room mates house, and she offered me to live there while she moves to L.A for a year. I knew right away that was my best option. Even though she had told me that a few weeks before, I still wanted to find out what else was out there and to make sure that I made the right decision. I will be moving to my previous address in Kentucky, and have the whole place to myself. I couldn't ask for a better opportunity.

After all that was done, it was time for a Reds game. If you are ever in Cincinnati for a few days, and want some cheep entertainment, go to a Reds game. We bought tickets for less than $5 each!! We ended up going both nights that we were there. 

After that I took Geoffrey to the hofbrauhaus to get a well deserved beer...We had a great time- except for the almost 24 hours that we spent in the car over 3 days.

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